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Major corporations, developers, entrepreneurs, small and midsize companies, and financial institutions turn to Lead International when in search of the ideal commercial space.By utilizing our extensive regional property knowledge, experience and creativity, clients are able to realize their strategic vision and operating plan within the scope of our services. Transaction services for offices, multi-tenant buildings, and mixed-use projects are carried out with the utmost speed and efficiency to suit our client's time schedules.


Both owner and tenant representation services are offered by retail professionals, who evaluate client goals and apply market knowledge to maximize transaction profitability.

By effectively positioning the property in the marketplace, identifying suitable prospects and managing the correlating steps in the leasing process, clients are able to make an informed decision, regarding investment opportunities and options.


An integrated brokerage and transaction service, designed to maximize property value is offered explicitly to landlords, to best position and lease their properties effectively and efficiently.

Lead International understands the needs of both tenants and landlords, thus enabling the firm to outline a thorough positioning and leasing program, which takes into account current market conditions, levels of occupancy, rental rates and future trends in the target area.


Whether for relocations, consolidations, subleases, acquisitions or dispositions, Lead International analyzes each client's goals, and pairs them with the right real estate solution.

The initial phase of tenant representation is strategic planning, where analysts determine whether socioeconomic and demographic statistics, transport and accessibility, tourist counts, and other imperative data, factor into productivity.

Potential locations are scouted and evaluated based on the tenant's objectives and standards for acquisition, followed by site disposition services which include landlord and contract negotiations, property positioning and post-occupancy services.


The lease advisory service benefits both tenants and property owners in increasing their bottom line, from the reduction of overhead to better returns on investments with less liability.
By playing a key role in rental agreements and lease negotiations, our clients rest assured that the value of their investment is in line with the optimal use of the property. A personalized approach is applied that is both flexible and strategic to best cater to the needs and objectives of each client.
Lease advisors combine leasing, property management, project management, valuation, financial analysis and market analysis services, whilst maintaining transparency with clients and in effect becoming a specialized extension of their own capabilities.
Our services are offered in the following areas:
 Rent reviews
  Lease renewals
 Lease restructuring


The residential services professionals are commited to providing the highest level of service, both to individual and corporate clients, seeking assistance and advice throughout the process of sourcing suitable housing.

No detail is overlooked when selecting the appropriate property, in order to ensure that our client's needs are met and exceeded. Our preliminary analysis pinpoints homes that adhere to the highest international standards, followed by a comprehensive relocation and orientation study to provide an effortless transition into new surroundings.

Our services include:
  Pre-arrival analysis.
 Lease Negotiation.
  Hotel/Serviced Apartment Assistance.

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